Betty for MAC

I was a fan of the Archie comics and always had a soft spot for Betty. So when MAC  released its Archie’s girls collection I just had to immediately grab some of the Betty collection. (Tip: the Veronica collection really stands out).

Cool cover.
Betty Bright (lipstick) and Flatter Me (pearlmatte face powder)
Peach Me: Betty Bright (lipstick) and Flatter Me (pearlmatte face powder). Perfect for summer.

These arrived in time for the wedding I attended earlier. I love peachy-pink! The lipstick glides, I swear!

Update 3/10: I shot this one yesterday at a friend’s wedding. The peach-pink color takes some getting used to and is a bit strong on the lips at first but it tends to blend after a while.


Update 3/16: I bought the Caramel Sundae eyeshadow despite the so-so reviews.

Got this pic from one of the blogs.

The colors in this eyeshadow quad are really pretty and I think I could wear these to work. Plus, the compact can fit the mini-makeup bag. When I practiced my so-so makeup skills, I had fun playing with the colors and did not have a hard time. I do agree with the pigmentation though, so I have to apply a lot with my dependable Charm brush. Despite the quality, I love this.

Update 3/20: I was present at the MAC Archie’s Girls launch at Rustans’ Shangri-la. MAC sent me this pic with “Veronica”. who is very, very tall.

I'm "Betty". :)
“Betty” with sort of a blonde hair and “Veronica”:)

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