Les Miz Movie Review

Just a short comment about the movie of the year, at least for me.

Les Miserables featured a star-studded cast led by the wonderfully dashing Hugh Jackman as Jean Vallejean, Russell Crowe as Javert, my faves Anne Hathaway as Fantine and Amanda Seyfried as Cosette.

I have no words. I have not read the book, nor seen the musical but I am familiar with the score, since I have the 10th year anniversary concert (on VHS!) and Lea Salonga always sings On My Own and I Dreamed A Dream flawlessly on her performances. I love the single takes of the singing parts, the cinematography, and just the flow of the story.

I was most impressed with newcomer Samantha Barks who plays the coveted role of Eponine (she previously played the role in the London stage). Her renditions of On My Own and A Little Fall of Rain are simply heartbreaking and beautiful.  For me, she is a revelation in this film.

Although I love Amanda Seyfried, and she is fit for the role, I find her voice  too thin as the score for Cosette is soprano.  Anne Hathaway as Fantine is as vulnerable as it gets. Although the acting is more than what is expected, Russell Crowe’s performance as Javert do not match Hugh Jackman’s Vallejean, really. I am officially rooting for Hugh Jackman for Oscars’ best actor, although I think Daniel Day-Lewis will win (very good character actor).

All in all, Les Miz is perfection in my eyes and ears, and as close as it can get to the book/stage.

P.S. I am crushing on the actor who played Marius.

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