Climbing a Mountain

One of my personal goals this year is to climb Mt. Pulag. Mt. Pulag, as I understand, is the third highest peak in the Philippines. So when a friend organized the trip months ago, I jumped at the chance, not knowing what to expect.

It was mind-blowing.

It was a long walk to camp. We took the Ambangeg trail, around 5 kms. in 3 hours or so, the whole afternoon. Trekking to the summit in the early morning takes around 2 hours on a normal pace. Depending on what is normal.

And Mt. Pulag in November is very cold. At night, the temperature drops around 5-10 degrees Celsius and even colder with the winds almost dismantling our tents.

It was a struggle for me to climb Mt. Pulag. I will readily admit that I was not able to reach the summit, although I was very close. Perhaps it was the cold and the breeze, or me just being uncomfortable and tired. But I was very happy where I ended up.

So here’s my journey to the sea of clouds. I couldn’t have done this without my friend, my tour group and the guide who helped me reach Peak 2. (I was that close.)

Start point: Ranger Station


Start of trek: not even close to the camp



That tree along the path.


This is camp: foggy and cold. (And I look very haggard)




Waiting for Mr. Sun (Very, very cold)



I was in that sitting position for the longest time.


It was beautiful to see the sunrise this way. Hello God!


The sea of clouds. Amazing!




Indeed, I am very, very lucky. I survived Pulag! Thank you God.


Love for Paris


Someday, Paris, you and I will meet. And it will be on happier times, hopefully when I find love.

But for now, I pray and send my love for the families and loved ones affected in the recent shooting tragedy. That should never happen again. In Paris or everywhere.

Beach Weekend

When my aunt asked me months ago to plan the trip to San Antonio, Zambales, I immediately jumped at the chance because I had so much fun bonding with my officemates on our island hopping trip to Anawangin Cove, Capones and Camara Island last June. By then I already knew about Nagsasa Cove, a good hour trip from Pundaquit Beach. I’ve never been to Nagsasa Cove before and it’s supposed to be really nice.

I wasn’t disappointed. Love Nagsasa Cove!




Aunty and Mama enjoyed the ride, even wanted to camp there on the next trip.

DSC04325 DSC04331 DSC04338

Seriously, my pictures cannot even capture how beautiful this place is, with its crystal clear waters and peaceful surroundings.

DSC04308 DSC04329 DSC04337


DSC04349 DSC04351 DSC04356

I have to say, this is one of the best and stress-free beach trips ever! Plus I made my senior citizen mom and balikbayan aunt very happy. I will explore Nagsasa Cove when I have the chance, as I want to see the hidden waterfalls. But for now, I will just dream of this beautiful beach until I come back.


HP Cafe

Finally tried the Nook Cafe at Maginhawa St. The place is very small, but luckily, I got in without the long queue.


Every nook and corner is “Istagrammable”.


Not to mention, the HP memorabilia

Food was ok. Budget-friendly. I will recommend the bacon wrapped chicken and for HP fans, butterbeer.



Overall, it was a nice experience for a Potterhead like me.

Update 11/1: Brought in new recruits! The place was perfectly set up for Halloween.



The fam bam went out of town for the weekend in celebration of the bro’s natal day.

I post a fave shot with my the kiddies, Dylan and Maddy, taken last Sunday. Look at the reflection.


So I realize that the kids are growing up faster and me and the bro growing wiser. More than the mirror shot, I see resemblances of me and the bro here. If I can hold time for a moment.

Wishing Dylan’s and Maddy’s dad more birthdays to come.