HS Slumbook

In anticipation of my HS alumni reunion this week,  I would like to answer the questions that was posted in my yearbook 20 years ago.

1. What part of High School did you miss most?

My barkada. I became friends with them in my senior year. This was significant because I was such a shy girl/loner for most of my HS years. And it did not help that my face was breaking out–really awkward stage. Over the last few years, I was catching up with them. And it always seems like yesterday when we graduated everytime we see each other.  

On a more personal note, I missed that time when I played the piano very well. It wasn’t much, but I considered it as my talent, a secret weapon that even the school did not know. I go to lessons every week after club meeting, allot at least an hour every night to practice. Not to mention the recitals every semester. Intense training. Eventually, I lost all that, although I think I just needed practice and the piano needed tuning. Good times!

2. What were my plans after graduation? Did you fulfill them?

After graduation I was not really sure what I wanted to do, but fate threw me to study in a college, although prestigious, was not my first choice. I took up International Studies, eventually loved the course, wanted to learn more, so in my senior year, I decided to take up law.

The law school journey and especially my bar journey was not easy. It is still a journey, trying to be a good lawyer. But yes, I achieved that dream, career-wise, which is actually bigger than I ever imagined it to be. I did not realize then that I wanted to be a lawyer during high school. But now that I’m here, I am actually happy that I made it despite life’s twist and turns. If only my personal life could catch up,but that’s another story.


Made by LaudureeĀ 

Macarons are absolutely one of my fave mini-desserts. So when French store Lauduree opened its store in 8 Rockwell, it was absolutely love at first sight!

So far, I tried the Rose (divine!), Chocolate (not overly sweet), and Pistachio (not for me).  Crispy cookie on the outside, chewy ganache inside.
The macarons cost P150 each.

Also tried the Rose (milk) chocolate which is surprisingly good as well. Costs P400+, I don’t remember. Melts in your mouth.

So far, I’m enjoying my Lauduree experience that I bought a bag from the store. Can’t wait to try more of their stuff!

Tokidoki at Asia Pop Comic Con

Last Saturday, I went to the Asia Pop Comic Con at the World Trade Center. Amazed at the  display and the number of people who cosplay.

But I was there only for one reason: Tokidoki’s Simone Legno, who was still gracious to sign and draw for his fans despite the stress he experienced from our customs. Nevertheless, it was all good and I had a blast! 

Here’s the link to my IG post: https://instagram.com/p/71fr6gpa_k/

My Tokidoki loot: my autographed Manny Pacquiao shirt and Pixie toy. Great stuff but of course, I wished I bought more.


But wait, there’s more! He drew Cactus Kitty! Love, love Simone!


Lit Fest Love

It was the first time I attended National Bookstore’s literary festival at the Raffles Hotel. I find that it had lots to offer, from discounts to meet and greet and book signing. Great marketing strategy from National Bookstore.

I never heard of Meg Worlitzer and her work. But I attended her talk and find her an engaging speaker, so I bought one of her books – Belzhar. Her work is more for the young adult classification but I am so in for easy reads these days. I actually got to meet her and she was gracious to sign my book. 

I also met Kerby Rosanes who officially launched coloring book, Animophia. He is only 24 years old! I hope that he publish more of his work abroad in the future because I find his illustrations comparable with the more popular work. Maybe even better.


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