Frasier’s Best

Frasier is a show ahead of its time. More than ten years ago I had brushed it aside and watched more of the “hip” shows like Friends and Sex in the City. Now I can’t stop watching Frasier and I just love the excellent writing from beginning to end.

So, in honor of my new found appreciation of the show, I like to list my favorite Frasier moments. Spoilers ahead for those who are still discovering the show.

1. The Beginning – The Good Son in Season 1 set the tone of what the show is going to be thru a creative introduction of all the characters and their crazy. Winner – the dog Eddie endlessly staring at Frasier.

2. Frasier’s coffee conversations with brother Niles – In My Coffee with Niles, Season 1, the brothers Crane dealt on life questions. This is the first episode which explored the possibility whether Niles was falling in love with Daphne, which he clearly is but is not so aware at that time. There were many other coffee conversations, but this one stood out because it was one of the more meaningful ones.

3. Frasier’s radio show callers – Much of the episodes were devoted on the radio show. Some of the callers were hilarious and the smart alek advice Frasier gives is always a riot. And Frasier and Roz’s banter in and out of the radio station is most hilarious.

4. When Niles finally got his Daphne – The chemistry between Jane Leeves and David Hyde Pierce is evident from the start, but in Moon Dance, Season 3, the chemistry is undeniable when they danced their tango. Too bad it was all a fantasy as Daphne thought Niles was still pretending. But in Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Season 7, the seven year unrequitted love of Niles for Daphne is finally resolved. The buildup was intense and when Daphne appeared in the Winnebago on that final scene, I could only imagine audiences screaming in delight knowing that Daphne chose to be with Niles. Plus, Jane Leeves is at her prettiest in this episode and all of Season 7. In the Proposal, Season 9, Niles prepared the most elaborate proposal, but this did not push through because Daphne was sick. He still asked the question anyway to her “beautiful knees, toes, arms, elbows and shoulders,” and Daphne, whose “nose running and hair a mess,” said yes. The Ring Cycle in Season 10 culminates the relationship thru a low key wedding, or weddings.

5. When Frasier said goodbye to his listeners – In Goodbye, Seattle, the series finale, everybody had moved on to a new chapter – dad Martin remarried, Niles and Daphne had a baby, Roz was promoted to station manager – it is all but proper that Frasier moved on – to San Francisco, or to Chicago, in a final twist. This episode tugged my heartstrings. I loved how it all ended and the poem Frasier recited was beautiful.

There are many more moments as Frasier is really a family show more than anything. I love it when Lilith and/or Frederick came for a visit. And even though I did not watch Cheers, It is a treat when some Cheers characters appeared on the show. This is the reason why the show endeared to its fans because it paid tribute to the predecessor show. As to the Frasier cast, kudos to them. They have created a classic and they will be forever remembered as being part of it. 

Glee Pros and Cons

Now that Glee’s over and done with, I can now rave and rant about the show. I am a fan and I will always be, but I think the show could have been better. For quite some time, I felt that the show was all over the place and was losing its “voice.” It also didn’t help that Cory Monteith died when the show needed refocus. As I said, I love Glee so this is my sort of a tribute to this show that changed lives.

What I did not like about Glee:

1. Sue Sylvester overload – Jane Lynch is an excellent actress and all, and her Sue is impeccable. But there were some Sue episodes that were too much Sue and her crazy antics. For example, that series finale when Sue becomes Vice President to Jeb Bush. Unbelievable and crazy. They could toned down a bit, really. The only thing that I liked about the finale is that Sue redeemed herself big time and finally gave credit to New Directions which was due for a very long time.

2. Double Wedding – Brittana and Klaine are adorable but that wedding is way too early. Only exists in the world of Glee. Wished it happened in 2020 and not in 2015 when they are still practically kids finding their way in the real world.

3. The Absence of Marley in Season 6 – And Jake and Ryder too! I think Melissa Benoist was a wonderful addition to the New Directions in Season 4 (I really thought she was the new Rachel) but oh well, the writers chose to focus on the other Glee kids. I’m happy that Melissa is playing Supergirl in an upcoming series, so me thinks that’s a better gig than Glee.

4. The (almost) absence of Wemma storyline in Seasons 5 and 6 – OMG this really sucked for a Will-Emma shipper like me. I guess this is because the writers chose to focus on the kids. And that Jayma Mays starred on The Millers which is a nice comedy but with too much mother and son issues. When that wedding happened at the end of Season 4, that was the endgame for Wemma.

5. Almost no Tina Cohen-Chang storyline – I think that Jenna Ushkowitz is a very talented actress and singer, wished that the writers explored her character more. She was one of the original Glee kids, after all. And I wished she ended up with Mike Chang instead of Artie.

6. Rachel ending up with Jesse – It could have been an open ending but now, she ended up with her once rival Jesse. 

What I love about Glee:

1. Will and Emma – Probably the reason why I hang on to Glee all this time. The chemistry between Matthew Morrisson and Jayma Mays is electric, sometimes their story is more interesting than the Glee kids. I’m so happy they made it! And they named their son Daniel Finn, which is really adorbs! Love Wemma forever.

2. Cory Monteith love – Cory is really well loved and it showed in their tribute shows to him. The flashback episode 2009 is a perfect shoutout to him and to Glee’s pilot episode. And I thought his last scene with Lea Michele was sweet way back in Season 4, his character Finn giving encouragement to Lea’s Rachel as the latter was auditioning for Fanny Brice. 

3. Quinn – Over the years I have grown to love the snooty cheerleader who may not have the best voice but has the most character depth. She gets her happy ending with bad boy Puck, after all, which is okay because the latter finally grew up. That said, Dianna Agron is a star from the beginning, and I was so happy that she made movies during the show’s inception. 

4. Kristin Chenoweth – best guest star, IMO. She was one of the show’s first guests. Her loser character was so hilariously funny, a direct opposite of the star’s winning personality. 

5. Kurt – Me loves Kurt and Chris Colfer. Kurt’s relationship with his dad is one to envy. And he finds true love with his soulmate Blaine. 

6. Finnchel – Lea and Cory. Rachel and Finn. Glee did not film its ideal ending but for me, Finnchel would have been the perfect Glee ending and not the finale that aired. Which is why my heart still aches for the loss of Cory because Finn and Rachel were the heart of the show and what happened IMO is a half-hearted Glee ending.

Glee may be gone but its message lives on. I hope to watch the show again in the future and maybe see a different perspective. I wished the writers did a better job at focusing on the storyline and not give in easily to what was popular opinion, but I can’t deny that the talent there is overwhelming. Glee is truly a remarkable show for many reasons — gave viewers a bird’s eye view of musicals, resurrected forgotten songs, brought more attention to arts program, addressed LGBT issues, and more —  hopefully the reruns will be more appreciated with fresh eyes. 

P.S. Prayer 

I will set aside my worries (for now) and say a little prayer for my fave singer. I met her for the first time at her concert last month. I don’t really know her personally and likewise, but I love her and her songs for the longest time. Today I learned that she underwent surgery for her recurred cancer. 

Have a speedy recovery, Ms. Joey Albert. I still want to hear you sing your great love songs.


A Letter, A Prayer and A Wish

Dear @god,

I used to be proud of the organization I work with. Now, I still am, but the politics is getting out of control. Truth is, I am heartbroken and I want out, but I am staying because I do not know where to go right now.

My prayer is that you guide the big bosses to decide what is best for the organization. Not for vested interests.  

Finally, my wish is that we will survive this latest challenge. That good will still prevail. This too shall pass, like the two months that I’ve been OIC.

Thank you for the blessings. Your will be done. Amen.

Heart to Heart

Last month, I ordered a necklace from  Link of Hearts as my personal belated gift to myself. I am not a fan of hearts exactly and I have not ordered from an international site for quite some time, however, I wanted to support the site’s cause in raising depression awareness.

I have to say, the necklace is lovely. Simple, elegant and will go with almost everything I wear. A little pricey, which is understandable considering the materials used. I chose this so I can have my name engraved without additional charges (for now) as I couldn’t decide on my power word anyway. 


For every order of this “Heart to Heart” necklace, one bracelet containing an inspirational message will be given to someone battling depression or someone in need of inspiration.


When I was in Cebu last weekend, I made sure to go to Tops in Brgy. Busay. We went through the cheapest mode of transportation – a motorcycle ride. 

It was just beautiful up there. Breathtaking view of the city and the sunset.


Last month has been good to me.

I turned 36

Watched the concert and met my long time fave local singer 

Also had a selfie with the most hunkable celebrity

And even had a short getaway

I am happy and thankful for the blessings that I received for the last 36 years. As I resume my “normal” life, I lift up everything to Him. #thankyougod

my story, among other things.


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