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It’s a PYC* reunion once again when one of our church friends came home from the US to celebrate his 40th. Braved the rains and flood just to make it. Sulit naman, because it felt as if we just saw each other yesterday. Memoriiieeeeessss!

Kudos to the parents who organized and invited us to the party.


It was also nice to see Dylan having fun with the kids of our balikbayan friend.

Till next reunion!

* PYC (Parish Youth Council) 


I’d like to pay tribute to a former college teacher of mine, Ms. Gigi Francisco, who is one of the most formidable IS teachers in Miriam College, and apparently, one of the more groundbreaking feminists in the country.

I am thankful that I have a teacher like Ms. Gigi. She was quite a personality. Her teaching style is different; she was intimidating in Modern Ideologies, a very interesting and difficult subject at that time, and I definitely learned from her the hard way. (Luckily I had a chance to redeem myself when she was our thesis moderator and our group got one of the highest grades.)

Scary that she was as a teacher, Ms. Gigi loved her students. At least that’s was what she said to us on our graduation day, and I was touched to the core.

I am not so sure what Ms. Gigi imparted on me, her class was so long ago. She is a hardcore feminist and activist; I am not but I am all for women’s rights. But perhaps because of her that I opened my mind to respect people who had different beliefs, orientations, and yes, ideologies. And maybe, just maybe, my experience with her in class was one of the reasons why I chose a different track after college, only to consider a more human rights-related work when I passed the bar (although in my heart I still want the legal work.) I particularly treasure the fact that I got to tell her that I passed the bar back in 2008 and she was all excited for me (I think.). I last saw her in 2009, ten years after my college graduation, and way before illness struck her. 

My encounter with Ms. Gigi is not so much, but I consider myself lucky to be under her mentorship even if it was a long time ago. I am so sad that she is already gone and I will not have the opportunity to see her again.

Go with God, Ms. Gigi. Thank you for the love and care. You will definitely be missed.

London Coffee

I’ve always been fascinated with all things London – from the Royal Family to Cath Kidston. 

No wonder why I wanted to try the coffee in the newly-opened Costa Coffee in Eastwood. I have a feeling that this coffee chain will be a hit with the coffee lovers.

I tried one of their popular best sellers – the Flat White


Since this is the first time I tried this coffee, I googled the store’s website for description.

The coffee’s not too sweet and very good to pair it with dessert. Personally,  I find it a little mild and was missing the strong flavor like in US, Italian or Australian coffee or even our barako. Still like it though, because it’s different.

As for the ambiance, I immediately found a fave spot. Definitely nice to pass the time and/or hang out with friends. Love the furniture.



Update 7/26: I came back yesterday and ordered the Double Cookie and salted caramel brownie. Both pair well, not too sweet, but I think I should have taken out the brownie.



I’d like to devote this post to my hot dog, Constantine. 


Named after the my fave American Idol, Constantine was a gift to us about ten years ago when I was reviewing for the bar. Like any other pup, he was cute to hold, unlike other pups, he pees when he get too excited when he is held. And he has that signature “scent”, probably like most Daschunds.

I used to carry him around the house when he was younger. A fondest memory of him was when we watched the lunar eclipse early in the morning. Of course he doesn’t care, hehe. But at that time I loved his company.

Despite his “flaws”, Constantine was friendly. He served as our “guard” for the last ten years. He barks excitedly for the masters of the house (including the kids) and noisily/angrily when there are strangers passing by or when somebody rings the doorbell. 

Unfortunately, because of his age, Con (Michael to the kids) passed on yesterday. I was able to pat/stroke him and said my goodbye days before. Although I am quite sad and bit depressed, I’m amazed that he lived for almost ten years! 

Constantine, I am going to miss your barks, and admittedly your scent. Thank you for keeping us company all these years. (Say hi and play with Cookie, please.) Love, Rose

Maddy’s 1st Pt. 2

It’s the little girl’s birthday party!

Maddy is one happy baby toddler. Soon she will be running, singing and talking like her Kuya Dylan.

Don’t grow up too soon, little girl.


DSC04136 DSC04149 DSC04188


P.S. I couldn’t resist taking a pic with Tokyo Bubble Tea’s mascot. So cute and pink…

DSC04199 DSC04200

Maddy’s 1st

Seems like yesterday when my niece, Madison Jane was born.

She is definitely the apple of everyone’s eye.

Especially the lola

So lucky to spend some time with Maddy and watch her grow. She is getting prettier by the day!

 Maddy turns one today. Time flies!

Maddy, my wish for you is that you grow up to be a nice lady I envisioned you to be. Ate/Tita Rose loves you.


The nephew is crazy about the Minions and I think such fascination is rubbing on me. What can I say? They’re cute, friendly, and absolutely loyal to their master Gru. But how did they find him? That’s what the Minions movie is all about and I can’t wait to watch it!

In anticipation of the movie, Toy Con in Megamall last week had a Minion photobooth that captured my before and after Keratin treatment.


Big difference. Here’a close-up. From a messy, dry color treated hair to a straighter and smoother tresses.


And oh, just got the complete set of the Mc Donald’s Minions Happy Meal set. The nephew is definitely pleased about this.



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