HK Supergirl 


As promised, I got the Hello Kitty Supergirl, and it’s definitely a better stock than the one  I saw yesterday.  


It stands on its own on a flat surface, as it can seen here. I definitely like this collectible better, although the Wonder Woman is such a looker that I had to get it as well. 

Now I’m not so sure if I should get Batgirl to complete the trio but I’m definitely happy with these two.

HK Wonder Woman


My love for everything Hello Kitty was reignited when toy brand Dragon released its limited edition collection Heroes Remix, in collaboration with DC Comics. The result is every HK collector’s dream – grown up version of the childhood favorite cartoon character combined with DC female heroes.

Photo grabbed from the Big Boys store IG.

I was immediately drawn between the Supergirl and the Wonder Woman Hello Kitty.

Photos grabbed from

Although I was torn to leave HK Supergirl behind, I got the HK Wonder Woman because of better workmanship. And the blue hair!

It is really pretty in person. Better in a box because I could not make it stand on a flat surface. But I absolutely loved it! 

I made it balance on my bedside. Ready to fight!

While I will definitely get HK Supergirl, I wonder if I should get Batgirl and the villans as well. The villains, in particular looked kicka$$.


Took a bad fall about two weeks ago and I have to use a sling for a while. Lucky that they did not cast my arm. Hopefully not more than six weeks because of an upcoming beach trip. Not to mention, my birthday is coming up!

This will be me for the next few weeks. Bruised but not totally broken.




Cafe Juanita with Friends

Catched up with some of my HS friends. I wished more could have attended this reunion but it isn’t meant to be. Still had a great time though, we recalled the fond and the not-so fond high school memories. For the first time, I realized that I’m not the only one who went through the awkward/awful years. 

Find me selfie


I am truly grateful for the few friends tht I had then, because I know now they are for keeps.