Heart to Heart

Last month, I ordered a necklace from  Link of Hearts as my personal belated gift to myself. I am not a fan of hearts exactly and I have not ordered from an international site for quite some time, however, I wanted to support the site’s cause in raising depression awareness.

I have to say, the necklace is lovely. Simple, elegant and will go with almost everything I wear. A little pricey, which is understandable considering the materials used. I chose this so I can have my name engraved without additional charges (for now) as I couldn’t decide on my power word anyway. 


For every order of this “Heart to Heart” necklace, one bracelet containing an inspirational message will be given to someone battling depression or someone in need of inspiration.


When I was in Cebu last weekend, I made sure to go to Tops in Brgy. Busay. We went through the cheapest mode of transportation – a motorcycle ride. 

It was just beautiful up there. Breathtaking view of the city and the sunset.


Last month has been good to me.

I turned 36

Watched the concert and met my long time fave local singer 

Also had a selfie with the most hunkable celebrity

And even had a short getaway

I am happy and thankful for the blessings that I received for the last 36 years. As I resume my “normal” life, I lift up everything to Him. #thankyougod

The Henry

I had a fabulous experience at the Henry Hotel in Cebu City.

Love the decors all around. I would love to hang out here more often.


Definitely a fan of the Pacman


Vintage and my #OOTD


My favorite spot in the hotel, however, is their restaurant. Look at those big chairs!


I love this Audrey chair because it reminded me of the person I know. #guesswho


I did not get a photo of our room but I like it too with the bigger bed and bigger space than the usual hotel room. Needs more sufficient lighting though.

One night at the Henry is already sufficient for me to enjoy the perks like breakfast (it’s ok), and use of pool (nice).


Birthday week was a blast! I did not travel this time because of work but made it up by food trips and a lot of catching up.






One of my long time wishes is to go to Paris. Hopefully soon. If not, some place where I will discover/rediscover myself.


I also wish that I will find my happiness this year. It is the Year of the Sheep, so hopefully this is my year.


Here’s to another rockin’ year!


My VDay Adevnture

I’d like to talk about what I did on Valentine’s Eve. Unless somebody comes along my status will not change anytime. Might as well enjoy the singleton life so I planned something for the day to beat the Valentine blues.

The Plan

Took a brief respite from work (although I still went to the office). I left early to beat the traffic bound Edsa and arrived in Greenhills rather early.

Late lunch/early katsu dinner



I was that hungry.

Watched 50 Shades of Grey to pass the time, which I kinda regretted afterwards.

The Main Event at the Music Museum

I’m thrilled to watch my fave singer Joey Albert again. Plus one of the best vocal groups, The Company, it sure promises to be a great night for OPM music lovers like me.


I just love the repertoire! Joey Albert and The Company sang their hits and the audience just took everything in. The Company went from wacky to senti with their set and I have a feeling that they’re getting better over time with new member OJ Mariano in the mix. As always, the blending and synchronization is almost perfection, which the opening act MICA should take as a lesson if they want to stay in the business for a long time. And Joey Albert is just lovely. I was mesmerized when I first saw her live in early 2000s and she still takes my breath away with that voice. She sings from the heart and that’s what younger singers lack sometimes. Aside from Million Miles Away, I have to say that my fave performance is the mash up of Ikaw Lang ang Mamahalin and I’ll Be Seeing You which she sang with Moy Ortiz – absolutely beautiful.

Actually, I miss these kinds of songs from the past – beautiful lyrics combined with hauntingly good music that over time will turn into classics. Hopefully the younger generation will get to discover and see them in a new light just like I did.

So anyway, I digress. There was a meet and greet at the lobby afterwards and of course, I have to be there. It was a dream cone true when I finally got to meet Joey Albert, my first time ever, and we talked a bit (makes me love her even more), she autographed my CD and I took the selfie. Fan mode to the max!


Well, I wasn’t satisfied with the selfie so I went the second time to ask for a picture again, which she graciously did. So happy!

Oh Mr. OJ Mariano, who I saw before in Ramahari and Rak of Aegis took that selfie, galing!


I was on Cloud 9 that night. It put some positive vibes back to me. Although I was rather shy to meet with the rest of the members of the Company, I took some pics of them and hopefully there will be a next time.


Thank you Ms. Joey Albert and The Company, for a wonderful night.

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