So this year is a bit low key travel-wise, but still had a bit of fun hotel hopping.

1. Ace Hotels and Suites, Pasig

I’m a long time fan of their water spa, so I decided to avail of the BDJ coupon and spent a night at their hotel.

Room was fabulous. Wished I’ve taken more pics of it though. But aside from their water spa, we also checked out their rooftop bar, and even went out to have dinner at Milky and Sunny. Staying overnight wasn’t enough.



2. Prime Asia Hotel, Pampanga

Nothing much to say except this hotel is presentable enough. And near the duty free shops in Clark.

Though I was only here twice and for business, I still made the most of my free time. There is a pool at the roof deck with a big screen for movies and videoke. And when I got tired of the hotel food, there are restos nearby, but I went to SM Clark since there was a big sale at duty free and the lines were long.

3. H2O Hotel, Manila

We stayed here just recently. The room we stayed in was small but was still decent anyhow.


Since we got the parkview room, we saw the seal show from afar.



But we will definitely get the Aqua Room next time.



Went around the area and walked to Luneta Park



The minions decor rock!






We tried this coffee place called Green Bean which serves the most inviting coffee. Will be on the lookout for its branch in Kalayaan, QC. Then after dinner, we checked out their bar called White Moon and love the white chocolate beer. Didn’t know there was such a thing!



The next day, we just took in the view and just chilled until it was time to leave.




This coming week, I’m off to another adventure. Can’t wait!

BDJ Fair 2014: Live It Up!

From Pampanga (where I was for most of last week) to QC for mass to far away MOA so as not to miss the most anticipated BDJ event of the year.

Selfies, of course!


I only attended Edric Mendoza’s talk on From Zero to Financial Hero. From what I recall, he told us to “climb the right mountain” (set good goals), to set a budget, to save (at least 20% of salary), to get good advisers, and from his kid, to be a good steward and learn to give back. Nothing new, but definitely useful.


No major wins, this time, but I had fun! I have been a Bella since 2011, so I know that buying the BDJ planner is so worth it not just because of the freebies and discounts but because of the many events I’ve attended over the years. I can’t wait for 2015!


6 Years and Counting

Marked my 6th year in my workplace and I’m just grateful for:

1. The work. Seriously, I have my complaints and there were many times when I wished I have more interesting, lawyerly work, but I truly believe that there is a reason why I was put there. And over the years the purpose revealed itself as I slowly learned the politics but decided to remain professional. So I’m still okay despite the many issues (not my fault).

2. Officemates. We lost two of the staff this year (one in death, the other in promotion) but we are coping and will get through all of the challenges, as always. I still get along with them, and that is a very important factor to consider whether to stay or move on.

3. The Boss. For bearing with my shortcomings and really, for just keeping her cool. I might not have learned all the ropes yet but I would like to think that I’ve come a long way. My boss bears the burden of the work and I do understand the pressure especially when she is not around and the big bosses call me. Oh well.

4. For friends at the workplace. Because I can always vent anything work-related to them and I will not be judged.

5. For little opportunities that come my way. Recently I was admitted in a short course that is related to my work. If everything goes well, I will undergo face to face training abroad next month. I mentioned this because my work does not really allow me to go to the field or attend trainings or even practice my profession, but this training just went to my lap and now I’m on my last week in the online portion of the course.

Last week, the usual meeting in the conference room was held out of town. I was resistant because of the logistics involved, but thankfully, everything went almost smoothly, and I’m thankful for the office that accommodated the request of the big bosses at the last minute. Plus, I got to bond with the bosses a bit, including mine. I just enjoyed the downtime and was relaxed after weeks of being on my toes in the office.

I am not sure how the next months will shape up to be, but I will stay put. For now. Not everybody is given the opportunity to do the work that I do, so the plan is to educate myself further, learn lessons from the past and continue to grow. And still try to be happy. So 7th year, here I come!





QC Food Trip

So I brought my balikbayan aunt to this year’s QC Food Fest at Maguinhawa St.

Lunch @ Cocina Juan. Food was yummy! We also had a nice view from where we sat.




Had my aunt try Sancho’s churros. They had quite a line there.


Tried to walk the whole stretch but only managed to walk a bit. We did not eat a lot but we bought some for take out, like the pansit with lechon. We also attended a cooking demo, with food tasting, of course.

Selfies galore!




We really did not intend to stay very long because the weather was warm but overcast, plus there were lots of people as the day went by. But we had a blast!

Till next year, Maguinhawa!


Cuteness Overload

I had a bit of bonding time with the nephew and the niece and what better way to bond than to have a selfie taken with them.

Thursday and Friday selfies with Dylan


I call this the Maddy sandwich


And since the niece is in a good mood, I took the opportunity to take lots of selfies with her. She really knows how to pose! (And I need to fix my hair)


Update 10/12/14: More cuteness!

Me and Maddy after church


Aunty Beth and the cuties


Mama and Maddy – same hair!


3 gens (from last week)


Update 10/21/14:
4 Gens!


Update 10/25/14:
Selfies with Maddylan on Lola’s birthday



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