Holy Week 2014

For the first time in years, I’m going out of town this Holy Week break. But not without participating in the celebrations.

Bisita Iglesia @ Padre Pio Chapel. Only one church for the Stations of the Cross


Altar of Repose @ OLCP. Lector Duty


Procession. About two hours walk from OLCP and back


The foot of the cross. Come let us adore.


Here’s an early shout out to our parish priest, Fr. Mhadz, who actually celebrates his birthday today, Good Friday. Kudos also to the OLCP peeps for a well-organized Holy Week celebration.


Make Your Own Magnum Day

The pop up Magnum resto at the SM Aura is at the top of my list of my Saturdate.

I will definitely go back to try other combos and take more pics. After all the resto will be opened for one year only.

My first My Your Own Magnum bar: Chocolate Truffle, Dark Choco coating, Oreo cookie, pistachio nuts and gold nuggets as toppings, and gold swirl. All for P100 only.


So lucky to be one of the early ones. When I came back hopefully for a second bar, the lines were already crazy. So, #selfie na lang pag may time.


Selfies Sportsfest

GO WHITE TEAM! Timely that the office held a sportsfest because it’s summer and it’s time to have a bit of fun after the marathon meetings that I had for the last 4 consecutive days (grrr).

Anyhoo, happy vibes finally.




And here’s my action shot from the badminton game. Win!


Macaron Day

In honor of the so-called Macaron Day, I post some of my photos of this French pattisserie.

The Laudree key ring! It’s a bit “beaten up” but still love it…


TWG makes the best tea-infused macarons. Chocolate is my fave, of course.



Bizu celebrated Macaron day by giving free macarons. Got one of their new offerings, Honey Dew, perfect for summer.


And finally, my fave polymer clay crafter Angeli (Beadlady) came up with these miniature macarons. They really look like the real thing!


Here’s to another macaron-filled year! ;

Random Trip

Since I’ve been under a lot of stress lately, been going out and gave in to my cravings… Again.

1. Friday night gimik

Tried out the Long Bar at the Fairmont Raffles Hotel. It was a cool hang out place, however the mosquitoes were a big turn-off. Management should really do something about it.





2. Foodie Trip

Definitely one of my fave past times. Love. Food.

Mary Grace – I will always want MG’s comfort food.






Nolita – never thought I’d see a steak and eggs pizza in my life. And it was soo good! Mac and cheese was just okay. >





Bizu’s Choco Souffle – it was a bit pricey but really satisfies the choco craving


And lastly, 8 Cuts Burgers serves this fantastic burger, the Rising Shroom.


Tres Chic

Attended my first Belle De Jour event for the year – BDJ Box Beauty Social’s Tres Chic at the Samsung Hall, SM Aura.

I love attending BDJ events because I always learn something new, however trivial. Plus, the Bellas are really cool.

I attended two talks – Picture Perfect by Sara Black and Primed and Ready with Benefit.

The talk on Picture Perfect is basically how to pose well in pictures – practice posing until you get the right angle, how to prepare for a shoot, etc. Pretty basic, IMO. I would have loved to learn more techniques but I guess I will have to pay Sara Black to talk about that.


I enjoyed the second talk more, Primed and Ready, since I’m a fan of the Benefit line. Benefit products are so kikay and user-friendly. Much of the products used for the summer look applied on the model, I have, except the ones that were recently released or will be coming out. Mental note to myself: retrieve Porefessional, cream eyeshadow, Benetint, Sun Beam. Skipping on the mascara. Will watch for their new products.

I love Benefit’s booth as well. Spy Gal for a day.


I had fun, of course, but I did not stay long after the second talk. All I thought was I did have a great Sunday just relaxing and chill with the Bellas. That’s enough for me to prepare for another work week ahead.

On That BAR

Passing the Bar really changed my life. I want to  share this #tbt entry in my former blog dated one year after I passed.

  • Apr. 12th, 2009 at 12:43 AM
wonder woman

“It is indeed one year since I passed that elusive Bar Exams and fulfilled my dreams of becoming a lawyer. Oh, I remember that it was the happiest day in my 29 years—ending almost years of uncertainty about my future. Preparing for the exams and waiting for the results took a lot from me—I lost touch with some people because I refused to talk to them during my “difficult days”, or they refused to talk to me probably to give me space, my relationship with family members turned rocky that I had to leave the house at one point, and in an effort to improve my performance, I almost lost my sanity. Thankfully, the one thing that was not taken away was my faith. I believe that I have a stronger relationship with God now because of what I’ve been through.
Waiting period. Anyway, I just want to reminisce that last Bar experience, at least the events while waiting for the results. Somebody tipped me as early as January 2008 that according to her cards, I already passed the 2007 Bar. A welcome news, but as there is no basis to support the “hula”, I brushed it aside, but hoped for the best.
I think it was in February that a friend who had the same predicament had a dream that both of us already passed the Bar. I also had a similar dream about seeing my name in the list. My hopes were still up, being my birth month and all.
March came and the jitters I’ve become so familiar with were there as well. My anxiety, as expected, affected my work performance and my relationship with my former co-workers. Days before the release, we got news that the passing percentage was only 5%. I thought then that there was no way I could make it on that ridiculously low percentage. So my friend and I were conversing on what ifs again, if only to seek a little comfort from all of these.
I was at work on the day the results were supposed to be released, but SC postponed it for the next day. My emotions were on a rollercoaster ride at that time. That night, I held the rosary, opened every novena I could find and prayed at the altar until dawn.

The Judgment Day. March 29, 2008. Between praying and sleeping, I discovered the calming effect of sleeping pills. The results were supposed to be released at 12PM, but again, this was postponed. It was about 3 PM when I already felt a little relaxed, but I attributed it to the sleeping pills. Thirty minutes after, a neighbor who works for the Supreme Court called up Mama and told her that I passed the Bar. (This was, I think, before the results were officially released.)

The events that transpired afterwards happened almost simultaneously. As Mama began calling up family and friends to inform them the good news, I began to say thanks to the angels above who made this possible. I also called up my friend when it was confirmed that she also passed. Truly a happy moment. Mama and I then capped off the day by hearing the anticipated Mass.
It didn’t dampen my spirits when I learned later on that the passing rate was lowered to 70%. All I knew is that a miracle of all miracles happened.”

I still believe that a miracle of miracles happened on that day I passed, and I’m extremely grateful for the privilege to practice my profession. It’s been six years since then, and for more than five I’m employed with the agency that saw many of my ups and downs, performance and situation-wise. Throughout all of the trials, there are definitely lessons learned which I believe, will make me a better lawyer in the long run.

A shoutout to the successful 2013 Bar examinees, especially to an officemate who truly is deserving and to my grade school/high school classmate who finally made it.

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