Todd English Food Trip

It was another food trip day with my friend. We tried out one of the most reviewed restos in SM Aura – Todd English Food Hall. I have been there many times, and it’s definitely worth taking food shots and selfies, at least. Nice ambience too.

The Pasta – spaghetti with meatballs


The Cupcake Wheel – center of attraction


The steak and bone marrow – yum!


Taking the selfie


The flat bread pizza – their classic


Now on this trip, I made sure I had a pic taken beside the cupcake wheel (which had macarons on that day)


And the usual selfie with a friend having a chill time



This is what we had:
1. Pasta – that is pumpkin filling on a 7-piece pasta


2. Dynamite roll


3. Fig and prosciutto flat bread pizza – this was the best!


Of course I have to take a selfie.


Overall, it was a nice resto with so many dishes to try. Service is excellent. Taste is rather bland because it’s NY style food but chili flakes, parmesan and hot sauce can do the trick. Will definitely come back.

Tea Time – Kate Spade style

Finally got to try the Kate Spade tea set at the Fairmont Raffles Hotel. It’s a dessert-heavy set, in keeping up with the theme of the brand.

1. The Sandwiches


There are 4 kinds of mini sandwiches in this set. All are well-prepared, scrumptious, and light. I love them all.

2. The Pastries


As I mentioned, this set is dessert-heavy, so I took most of these cuties home.


The bag topper on the mini chocolate cake is a sweet gum pastry.


My favorite so far is this tiny choco ribboned cake.


And the chocolate scone is LOVE! (Add to that, clotted cream and cranberry jam, yum!)


3. The Chocolates


These chocolates are divine! I haven’t tasted the red shoe yet, hopefully, that is the best of this bunch.

Of course, I have to pair this set with my favorite Sweet Paris tea.


Not really sure how I feel about this set. I was craving for a salad afterwards! Although the upside is that I got a 20% discount because I charged the bill with my Citibank card (see applicable promo). I do have one thing to say though:

Chocolate scone, I love you!

Of “Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs”

This week was all about discovering/rediscovering a classic TV show, thanks to YouTube and cable. “Frasier”, about a psychiatrist who has “left the building” a long time ago (2004) and his radio show in KACL, Seattle is only but a memory. But the classic show that it is, I find myself drawn to getting my Frasier fix even though I’m at least a decade behind.

Love the chemistry among the cast and the relationships that were built throughout 11 wonderful seasons. Dr. Frasier Crane, with┬áhis eccentricities and high society tastes, is human after all. I also like Frasier’s brother Niles, who is just like Frasier but is a bit luckier in love. I love that Niles “moons” over Daphne, the sometimes “psychic” physical therapist of his and Frasier’s father, Martin. Martin has that everyday wisdom and common sense that his boys often overlook. And Roz, Frasier’s producer, just blends into the family with her wit.

There are many other things that I love about the show as I discover episode after episode, but what I like most is that these episodes were wonderfully and intelligently written. And I absolutely loved that ending.

Frasier will be in my must-watch show every night on YouTube. I’m definitely on the Niles-Daphne team. (They’re adorable together.)


The bag of the day is in my favorite color and favorite landmark print.

The limited edition Herve Chapelier bag in fuschia pink with the Eiffel Tower print is LOVE! Perfect for the rainy days ahead.


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